build a better catholic business

Create freedom for your family and your business with the help of The Catholic CEO and other experts. This monthly series of business skill-building workshops is perfect for the Catholic business owner.

Why Join the St. Joseph Workshop?

Local Business Focus

The workshops will focus on local, stores and service businesses. It is not easy fighting the big box stores and online giants. The skills and virtues built in these workshops will help keep your business strong.

Improve Your Skills

Your mentor, Henry Kutarna, has mentored CEOs to bootstrapping start-ups for 30+ years.

Other contributing experts will occasionally join. Workshops are once per month.

Create Freedom

Be free from cancel culture by building a business that allows you to fully live your faith in the marketplace.

Be a Catholic business owner and community leader. Your faith will lead you to greater freedom.

Henry Kutarna believes in setting you up for success. His expertise and wide array of knowledge continues to provide value to everyone he's in contact with. I would highly recommend talking to Henry when you need a high-level mentor.

-Sacha B.:Website Designer/CEO

Today’s business environment extremely fast-paced, dynamic, turbulent and at times ambiguous – but the strong values, “rules of the game” perspective and listening ear make Henry a highly sought after and trusted advisor – and friend. After knowing Henry for many years, I still reach out and value his advice and perspective on a range of issues.

-Samantha S: Vice President of a global energy firm

Structure of the St. Joseph Workshop


  • Monthly 60 minute session

  • Henry or an expert guest presents a topic- one thing you can implement to improve your business

  • Q&A accepted throughout the presentation

  • Each session begins with prayer

  • All sessions recorded

  • You receive a link to download or watch the session (lifetime access)

Fire Seat

  • Occasional Fire Seats for the entire 60 minutes

  • Pure Q&A on any business topic

  • All sessions recorded

  • Each session begins with prayer

  • You receive a link to download or watch the session (lifetime access)

  • Email in questions ahead of time if you can't make the live session

Why am I doing this?

Henry Kutarna, The Catholic CEO

You are a Catholic business owner. You need help with best practices that are in accord with Catholic teaching. I have been a mentor from CEOs to start-up bootstrappers for 30+ years. It's time I use this knowledge and experience to help Catholic business owners.

The St. Joseph Workshop is the place to build your business acumen. My goal is to help as many Catholic businesses to be as successful as possible.

I am focusing this group on local businesses to create a local Catholic economy. If we have many strong, local Catholic businesses in every city, we will be impervious to cancel culture.

Additionally, there are many people out there who are online business gurus. They can help you with issues specific to that kind of business. If you have an online business, you can still join the St. Joseph Workshop and find great value, but I will not be focusing on your specific issues.

In the world in which we live, I believe that we need as many faithful Catholics running businesses as possible, for two main goals.

  1. To help families live their Catholic faith more fully. If a Catholic business can ensure that one of the parents is the breadwinner, the other parent can raise the children. If it's a home based business, the business owner can also be with the children. This is even better. Salvation of the family members is the ultimate goal.

  2. It moves money into the hands of Catholics. This is a creation of a Catholic economy where local Catholic business owners band together, have purchasing power, and influence local politics and culture. This is conversion of society.

Obviously, this second goal is much more difficult to attain, but it is worth striving for. We must create some economic power for Catholics so we can have some influence, at least locally. Western society is falling apart right before our eyes. We must do something.

The St. Joseph Workshop is my attempt to achieve these goals on a large scale. If you want to join us, please do so.

God bless your business endeavor. The Catholic CEO team will be praying for you and your business. Deo Gratias.

Only $49/month

Henry's coaching rate is $250/hour, so $49/month is a great deal for the wisdom imparted by a long-time mentor and faithful, traditional Catholic man.

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